Eat Your Own Kanban

Recently I switched the iterative process implementation/feedback/implementation with a customer of mine from mail-based communications (...) to the popular Trello. And I embraced the joy of kanban model. Well: at least, it is better than messing mails around...

So I decided to apply it also for my own activities. But, for the sake of "eat your own dog food" mantra, I decided to do it using an open and free tool. And I remembered my account on Sandstorm.

Sandstorm is a great project aiming to make it easy to run instances of opensource web-based applications, without having to care about download, installation, database, configuration, missing libraries and so on. They offer free hosting with limited resources, but still enough for personal use. The marketplace of available and one-click-installable applications also is not that huge, but covers a large portion of common use cases.

Including the one mentioned above: a Trello-like application, named WeKan. Here you find my own instance dedicated to the GASdottoNG project (please note how in Sandstorm it is possible to generate and share a read-only link), which will help me in organizing the many ongoing tasks.

I hope to have an opportunity to use this service more and more, both for personal and professional activities, to test effectiveness of the many existing opensource solutions and eventually decide which can deserve the effort of a private installation on my own VPS.