Hard Style Sleeping

Those who know me, know that I have a big problem with sleeping. That's not I sleep too much (7/8 hours at a time, as most other people) but that's I shift my bedtime at innatural hours. Usually I go to bed at 4:00/500AM, and it is not rare to do it at dawn. Of course, it means to wake up when the people in my nominal timezone finish to lunch.

To force me to leave sooner, and unshift the time I get asleep, I recently provided a drastic solution. A RaspberryPI, a pair of desktop speakers (courtesy of my girlfriend) on the bedside table, and a few lines of code to play a dubstep webradio stream at maximum possible volume at a reasonable hour. As long as all the system is far away from my arm, and power wires have been carefully hidden, the only way to stop it is by connecting to the web interface, which of course requires an high enough level of consciousness (on the contrary of normal alarm clocks, that I'm able to stop even when completely uncounscious).

Latest test got a positive result, causing me a brutal wake-up and forcing me out of bed. I will continue the "dubstep therapy" in the next days, moving the wake-up hour a few minutes before every day until a socially acceptable compromise.