Message in a Phone

I had to integrate SMS notifications in a project for a client, got a look to the API documentation of Skebby (SMS service popular among Italian developers), and started wondering about a Laravel package to integrate it into the native notifications system of the framework.

More recently, another client asked for the same feature pointing me to the website of a partner into SMS provisioning: I opened the website, found a link to the documentation on Mobyt (another SMS service, never heard before), and it looked extremely similar to the Skebby's one.

So I discovered that Skebby has been acquired by Mobyt some year ago, they use the same API (even if with slightly different endpoints), and the same platform is reselled by other players.

I ended up implementing once the above mentioned Laravel package, supporting the Mobyt-compatible API (and a few Skebby-specific behaviours): eventually this can be used also for other SMS services.