On Laravel 5

I switched from CodeIgniter to Laravel some time ago. And I'm always been happy about this, as long Laravel kept the same "spatial" and intuitive logic in contents distribution across the filesystem while introducing many little, huge improvements (one on top of any other: Eloquent ORM).

Now it is time for Laravel 5. And I missed the point. All contents have been moved around the far more complex folders' hierarchy, advanced features and flows - such as: Commands and Events - have been promoted to first class citizens and slapped in the face of the developer just asking for scaffolding a new project, and accordly to the new logic it is expected to scatter all your models just in the root folder of the application.

I can believe the requirement to keep the framework complete and powerful but still flexible and customizable, and I believe that from great powers comes great responsibilities, but I really had some hard time in figuring out how to get back to productivity when switching to Laravel 5.

This set of tutorials is probably a good point from which start, both if you also are upgrading or if you are jumping the Laravel boat for the first time. And this application, from the same author, may be used as an example to explore, so to have an empiric showcase about where to put what.