Scaffolding GTK+

Aside the usual web-based applications I hack on (mostly for work), a thing I like to do (or at least try to do) is desktop programming with GTK+ framework. For that kind of stuffs I recently switched to Python, in order to be more productive than C (and thanks to the GObject Introspection effort, which provides direct binding to newer features introduced in the Glib stack). But that's not enough to speed up enough development, in particular at startup phase: even in Python, starting a GTK+ application from scratch is often a matter of copy/pasting boilerplate code up and down from documentation and tutorials.

Some time ago I googled the magic keyword "gtk scaffolding", and discovered this great initiative from Giovanni Campagna which provides exactly what you can expect: a command-line tool to boostrap a new empty GTK+ application; no boring copy/pasting, you enter a few options and the fun can start. Unfortunately it seems to have been abandoned two years ago, and here and there it is rotting.

I've cloned the GitHub repository and started today to commit some minor adjustment, hope to provide more improvements (on the code side, but eventually also in GTK+ guidance for beginners) as I start to use it more often by myself.