Scrollable Calendar

In a web application of mine I've added a simple calendar to display time-based informations. Classic month view, colored cells, implemented with FullCalendar.

Then, a user asked to not limit the view to a month at a time, but just display the current week and the next three or four. Which makes a lot of sense, as months are not isolated containers but just a convention to measure a continuous stream of time, and an event occourring within 15 days has not to be displayed in a different screen just because it is technically in a different month.

I looked for a different Javascript calendar script to handle a continuous grid of days (and perhaps navigate through different weeks), but I've not been able to found it. So, I implemented it.

Here you find the repository and here a demo.

Each row is a week, it starts at the current week, scrolling up and down generates the same grid starting a week after or a week before, in the first column it is shown the relative month (to help navigation), and there are a few options.

The code is ugly, very little customization is permitted, no interactive handling of data is provided, it doesn't work on mobile, but still it made my day. For improvements, please open an issue or a pull request on GitLab.