Happiest Birthdays

Happiest Birthdays
Photo by Imants Kaziļuns / Unsplash

On TrendingOnWiki there is a set of pages dedicated to the most relevant birthdays for each day, where "most relevant" is determined by the number of mentions each person has on Wikipedia. Those informations are extracted from Wikidata - more exactly from Semantic Builders, previously mentioned here, as the SPARQL queries to retrieve and sort birthdays for each day lead often to "query timeout" errors on the public Wikidata endpoint - just once every now and then, as it is supposed that birthdays do not change with high frequency...

Yesterday I re-processed the whole list (also to update my face-cropped images...) and kept a diff of old and new informations, to see how the "most relevant" lists changed for each day, given that I use to store just the top 20 people for each date.

There are just 4 days in which 3 new people (the maximum) have been included on the top list:

Relevance of people on Wikipedia may vary due increased popularity, news, relevant facts occurred, and other similar motivations producing more in-depth analysis (and cross-linking) in certain Wikipedia articles.